Operable Wall Partitions and Room Dividers

The design and manufacturing team at SPC Fabrication knows the importance of combining the strength and durability of high-grade steel and aluminum construction, with sophisticated design elegance, to create folding partitions, hanging dividers and panel dividers that have extremely clean profiles. We offer a wide range of finish options, and decorative surface finishes, including vinyl, carpet, fabric and high-pressure laminates.

SPC Fabrication strives to always provide industry leading operable wall partitions that consistently achieve the highest performance ratings. And we place great emphasis on offering the most beautiful solutions for the most demanding needs of all of our customers.

All SPC Fabrication wall partitions, and operable panel dividers, feature:

Sound Attenuation

Mobile wall systems are constructed using a multi-layered sealing and locking system - 10 individual seals layered together to snugly fit the connecting profiles. This ensures an extremely air tight and sound tight joint at the connections. In addition, sound proofing panels are layered inside an aluminum and steel chassis to comprise a lightweight durable sound buttress.

Construction and Design

The chassis of our operable wall systems are built with durability in mind, using high-grade aluminum and steel. Layers of soundproof material, together with machine screwed connections, make for a solid fit and finish.

In addition, concealed joints and clean finishes held to the highest tolerances make these operable partitions some of the finest in the industry. Finishes can be customized to customer specifications, and aluminum is anodized to complete the clean, elegant finish of their design.

Patented Design and Certifications

Patented design ensures state of the art performance. SGS ASTM sound testing demonstrates superior sound attenuation. And the fire rated assembly, tested in accordance with ASTM E119, produces a one-hour fire rating.