Bathroom Partitions and Surface Materials Technology

SPC Fabrication provides clients with a variety of bathroom partitions, including privacy screens and bathroom stall dividers, and surface materials technology, including:

Head Rail System

Widely used head rail braced partition systems are most commonly found in institutional applications. They have a very efficient assembly and installation, together with floor mounting enclosures and integral folding partitions and hanging partitions.

Floor Anchored System

These systems leave the ceiling open for the addition of decorative architectural features, and other project specific requirements defined by the constraints of the building envelope. Floor anchored systems feature integrated front and side panels for greater privacy.

Ceiling Hung System

The open style of a ceiling mounted enclosure offers a unique blend of aesthetics and practical appeal. The absence of floor installation provides a clean and contemporary design, which suits a growing pallet of decor choices. The unobstructed access to the floor also provides an ease of maintenance and care of the washroom, and is particularly suited to washrooms having elements from wall mounted partitions.

Floor to Ceiling Systems

Floor to Ceiling panel dividers (partitions) are ideal for applications that depend on strength and durability. Substantial area connectivity to building structural elements make these partitions system the strongest where architectural features are simple, and installation is suitable.

Surface Technology

Compact Phenolic Laminate is a decorative, abrasion resistant, High-Pressure Laminate (HPL) board that is comprised of colored cellulosic fiber impregnated with melamine resin that is laminated with high pressure, under heat, to bond the coatings to form a solid sheet.

Solid Phenolic

Solid phenolic is a heavy-duty, solid sheet, single layer of phenolic plastic that is virtually indestructible, and therefore often considered the material of choice. The solid single layer compact core is what provides superior strength in extreme traffic conditions.

High-Pressure Laminate (HPL) PVC Honeycomb Board

This dimensionally stable, scratch resistant, water and fire proof PVC enclosure combines high grade laminate-based materials with either an aluminum honeycomb, or PVC core, and a HPL laminate, to provide scratch resistance, color stability, and easy-to-clean surfaces.